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One of the things I like to do each month on this blog is to share some link love at the start of each month. My personal blog has been online for a bit more than 4 months now and I’ve already received more than 350 comments and 1267 spam comments on 163 blog posts.

The “September Top Commentator” award goes to Squaretan who wrote 14 comments. He likes sports and has a blog on this subject with lots of posts about soccer. A few days ago he also published a pretty funny video about a ball guy who throws the ball a bit too low.

Shaun Low scores the second place but unfortunately he decided to sell his blog as he feared it wouldn’t be possible to combine blogging with all his school work.

Leo Chiang scores bronze and has probably spend a lot of time this week on Halo 3. Leo also ate a pretty expensive burger this month and he also found a pretty nice video called “Why Asian guys can’t get white girls“. Halo 3 has created a lot of buzz the past few weeks and I heard a couple of days ago that Halo 3 is one of the most fastest selling products ever. I’m not planning to buy it though – I haven’t played the previous Halo games and I don’t have a Xbox 360 either.

The fourth top commentator is Debo Hobo, she published a post last week about the Top 20 American burgers. Damn, all these food-related posts on blogs these days get me pretty hungry.. She also posted a blurb about that MIT chick who thought it was a good idea to come to an airport with a suspicious-looking sweat shirt with a circuit board, LEDs and several wires sticking out of it.

Next is YC who runs a site called Internet Marketing Mind. Last weekend he talked about making money with Voxant Newsroom.

The sixth top commentator is Niko Lupala. He lives in Sweden but last month he had a pretty good time in the U.S. I haven’t really went on a holiday this year but Carmen and I are already taking a look at some holiday destinations for next year. Perhaps Bulgaria, one of the Canarian islands or a Greec island.

Shawn Knight takes the seventh place. He bought an iPhone last month and wrote an article on creating iPhone ringtones that don’t sound horrible.

At eight we have, a blog about making money online. The webmaster of that blog stays pretty anonymous and shared some tips on improving your affiliate conversions.

JohnP from the Dell Blog made two comments on my blog this month – to clear up some things about that exploding Dell notebook. Dell announced some carbon neutral plans last week and claims their quite expensive XPS M1730 gaming notebooks are now available in most regions.

Just one more to go now, the tenth top commentator of September was Alan from Hacked Gadgets. Some cool things on his blog: the LEGO toilet flush system, a photo of how a 1GB HDD looked like 20 years ago and the weave mirror.

Now it’s time to play some more World in Conflict :mrgreen:

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