Another Dell goes up in flames


Another notebook from Dell goes up in flames. Not really breaking news anymore as this has happened a couple of times before but the owner of this laptop did make some pretty pictures of the fire. More at HiPDA.


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  1. Dell’s initial investigation shows that the battery shipped with this system is one that is on our recall list. We strongly encourage customers who may have batteries on that list to check our Web site at Customer safety is always our top priority. We want to recover all affected batteries on the recall list and to emphasize wherever possible that batteries recalled by Dell and other PC makers need to be returned.

  2. Wow! Serious? I really wanted a Dell Laptop. NOw i guess i must think twice or even thrice… Dang! 😯 But one thing is for sure, Dell customer support in my country is damm bloody GOOD! thumbs up for that :thumbs:
    Yeah from Malaysia anyways.

  3. Just to be clear, Dell was the first of several PC makers last year to recall Sony batteries after a manufacturing defect was discovered and subsequently corrected. We have confidence in the performance and safety of the batteries we’re currently shipping with Dell systems, but we do want to take every opportunity to emphasize the need for the recalled batteries to be replaced.

  4. Dell isn’t really to blame for this, the fire is caused by a malfunctioning li-ion battery.

    Since about a year ago millions of notebook and cell phone batteries have been recalled by firms like Sony, Apple, Nokia, Lenovo, Toshiba and others.

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