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I’ve watched quite a lot of movies in the past weeks but wasn’t really in the mood to write little reviews about them on this blog. Kinda weird but since I got back from Pukkelpop last week I haven’t really felt motivated to do a lot of work, besides the daily routine I haven’t really done anything extra.

Anyway here are some quick blurbs about the movies I’ve recently seen:

Stars the lovely Elisha Cuthbert, in this movie she plays a celebrity called Jennifer Tree. This girl gets drugged and abducted at a charity event and wakes up in a cell where she is subject to terrifying psychologically punishment.

This movie wasn’t really that good, 5.5/10.

Donnie Darko
SciFi movie about a teenage boy plagued by visions and hallucinations which force him to go sleepwalking. One day Donnie receives a warning that the world will end in 28 days.

Better than I expected, 8/10.

Away From Her
Away from Her is about a couple that’s been married for over 40 years. Grant’s wife Fiona suffers from Alzheimer and needs to be institutionalized. One of the weird rules of the nursing home is that new patients aren’t allowed to get visitors during the first 30 days of their stay so they can fully adjust to their new home. When Grant visits Fiona after a month he’s devastated to find out that not only she seems to have forgotten him, but also fell in love with another man.

Nice movie about a pretty sad theme. I give it a 7.5/10.

Knocked Up
The beautiful 23-year old Alison Scott just received a promotion at work and goes out celebrating with her sister at a club where she meets Ben. They have a lot of fun and go to bed but when she wakes up she discovers that Ben isn’t really the guy she would like to have a relationship with. However, eight weeks later Alison discovers she received a bit more from Ben than she wanted; he didn’t use a condom and now she’s pregnant.

They get back together and decide to keep the baby. Pretty nice movie, lots better than I expected. I give it a 8/10.


Doesn’t need much introduction I suppose 😉 7.5/10

De Hel van Tanger
A Flemish movie about Marcel Van Loock, a bus driver from Antwerp who unjustly gets thrown into prison in Morocco. The Moroccan Custom Duty Service discovers a large load of hasj hidden in his bus and arrests him. Marcel claims he’s innocent, he suspects his boss is behind the smuggle and claims he himself didn’t know anything about it. However, even though he’s innocent and the police backs his story a Moroccan court rules he needs to spend 5 years in jail in the Moroccan prison of Tangiers which is a real hell.

Partly based on real events. Not bad for a Flemish production, 7/10.

Linda learns her husband Jim was killed in a car accident, wakes up a day later to find him alive and a day later she wakes up again in a world in which Jim is dead. These strange events drive her mad. One of the central themes in this movie is predestination, as even with knowledge of what’s going to happen Linda doesn’t seem capable of changing the future to her advantage.

Premonition isn’t really that great, I can’t give it more than a 5.5/10.

I Want Candy
Some people call this a British version of American Pie. It’s a movie about two film students who spend years on creating the perfect script and want to turn it into a full feature-length movie for their graduation project. Unfortunately for them their dreams gets shattered as one of their teachers announces he wants to try something new this year: short film. The guys aren’t willing to dump their script yet and approach movie studios but these aren’t really interested in their work. The lads’ luck turns when one movie producer is willing to throw money at them but they didn’t realize at first that this firm only makes porn movies.

They will need to rewrite the script a bit and somewhat stupidly they also promises the producer they would get world’s number one porn star, Candy Fiveways, in their movie. A seemingly impossible task.

Not really worth watching, 5/10. The movie is all about porn but you don’t see even a single tit, really lame.

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  1. the only movies I saw from that list was knocked up and transformers. my ratings:
    knocked up- 8/10
    transformers- 9/10
    i really liked transformers growing up so maybe that influenced the way i liked the movie…Great reviews :thumbs:

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