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Hop on the Geek TrainWhen I woke up this morning I noticed Leo and Juan Francisco Diez both tagged me for another link-train, the Geek Train. These link trains can be pretty fun but one of their main purposes is to increase the amount of blogs linking to your blog. Link trains have all kinds of benefits, they send more readers your way, give you more links which in turn will lead to higher rankings on Google, a higher Google PR, a higher Technorati ranking and perhaps they may even earn you a bit of money thanks to all the extra links and visitors that will come your way.

The purpose of the Geek Train is to give the bloggers you tag a name. Leo called me “The Reviewer”, I guess that’s probably because I’ve been posting an awful lot of movie reviews on this blog. I promise you that in the future I’ll be posting a bit less of these movie reviews and a bit more Internet, SEO, business and money related posts. Francisco on the other hand called me “The amazing”, I’m not sure why but it’s a nice name

Just like with the Blog Tip Meme I’m going to tag some of the folks who frequently visit this blog. Anyway here’s the list:


Geek Train – All aboard!

1 – Write a short paragraph at the beginning of your post and linkback to the blog(s) that put you on the list in the paragraph. You MUST do this. No-one plans on getting slapped for duplicate content any time soon, do they?

2 – Next, copy the list of originals below COMPLETELY and add it to your own blog. If you’d like a different keyword for your blog then change it, when you do your post, and it should pass to most blogs with that keyword, provided the train keeps on spreading.

3 – Take the adds from the blog that added you and place them in the “Originals” list.

4 – Add at least three new favourite blogs of yours to keep the train going, e-mail the blog owners (or comment on one of their posts) and insist that they post.

The Originals:

(The kick-ass) Nate Whitehill
(The original) 13-Year Old Blogger
(The money-making) Affiliate Marketing guide
(The crafty two at) TechRave
(The AdSense ‘dude’) Michael Cheney
(The overclocker) Shawn Knight
(The incredible) Chris Hooley
(The rhetorical) Michael Kwan
(The talented) Leo Chiang
(The root of all evil) John Chow
(The business dude) Josh Mullineaux
(The brilliant) Shoemoney
(The absurdly loud) Ed Lau
(The mastermind) Jon Waraas
(The yaketty) Stephen Fung
(The wickedly cool) Everton Blair
(The uber blogger) Ms Danielle
(The enterprising) Matt Coddington
(The career minded) Jane May
(The legendary) Gary Lee
(The nifty) Dosh Dosh
(The ambitious) Jeff Kee
(The Down Low) Shawn Low
(The Reviewer) Thomas De Maesschalck
(The Post Whore) Derrich
(The entrepreneur) Francisco Diez
(The thinking computer) Bob Buskirk
(The money saver) LuLuGal
(The flipping rich) Derrik Dyka
(The thinker) Betshopboy
(The blogging tipper) Garry Conn
(The technophile) Kristopher Kubicki
(The young) Carl Ocab
(The satirical saint) Craig Kohler

My Adds:
(The Gadget Geek) Carmen De Varez
(The Hardware Reviewer) Niko Lupala
(The Registry Hacker) Saman Sadeghi

This link train is the brainchild of David Wilkinson, hyper, money-making kid, and kick-ass blog designer Nate Whitehill.


Want to hop on the train, just follow the instructions and copy & paste it to your blog

Now it’s time to get back to work, I still have a lot of work to do on DV Hardware today.

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