First money made with this blog

Text Link AdsI just made my first couple of dollars with this blog. Yesterday I submitted it to TLA (Text Link Ads) and today they’ve accepted my blog.

Much to my surprise I’ve already sold two text links. That’s quicker than I expected but there are probably two good reasons for this:

– I’m currently listed on TLA’s “New Text Link Ads” page
– And as this is a new blog with no Alexa ranking, no PR rank and very few visitors it’s very cheap to buy a link. It only costs $15 for a full month.

Total money made total with this blog: $8.50

The links that were bought today are a bit weird though. The first one links to a press release on HP’s website about their chairman Mark Hurd and the second link goes to a Wikipedia page for Travelport. I’m not really sure why these advertisers bought these links but I hope they’re happy with the extra attention they got in this blog post.

Do you want to buy a link on my blog? You can buy one over here, there are still six links available. By the way, if you’re new to text link buying they will offer you $100 in free links (but you will need to spend $125 first).

At this point it’s not really my goal to turn this blog into a money making machine but a bit of extra income is always nice, isn’t it


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