Dot Com Mogul Checklist for July

dot_com_graffiti.jpgI noticed Stephen Fung updated his blog yesterday with the Dot Com Mogul checklist. I posted this checklist last month and Stephen’s post just reminded me that it’s time to post an update on my blog:

1. Your income must come about as a result of the money you make from the Internet – Check, all my income comes from the web.

2. The minimum internet income level is $10,000 a month (you cannot add income from other sources to hit this $10K level) – Unfortunately not, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had such a good month. Last month’s income was almost the same as the month before and still far away from $10k. This month’s income seems a bit higher than last month, but it’s still a bit early to make predictions as August still has more than 26 days to go.

3.You have no jobs outside of the Internet – Check. In fact, I’ve never even had a job outside of the Internet.

4. You have a personal blog with your name as the domain name – You’re reading it

5. Your blog must be updated at least ONCE PER DAY – I think I’ve met this requirement. I’m not going to check but I believe that I made an average of 1-2 posts a day in July.

6. A Google search of your name must be at the #1 spot – This blog only comes second or third when you Google my name but DV Hardware is at the first spot,  so I hope that counts

7. You must be willing to help dot com mogul wannabes – Always willing to help, so that’s another check.

8. Give time, money, or anything of value to a charitable cause each month – Check.

9. Personally help at least one person establish their online presence via a blog or website or help them enhance one they already have every month – No, I didn’t meet this requirement.

Looks like I scored a 7/9 in July.


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