Category: The Internet

  • Read Revenue Magazine for free

    I just received an e-mail that the November/December edition of Revenue Magazine can be viewed online for free. Revenue is a magazine for online marketers, I wanted to subscribe to this magazine about two years ago as I had heard some good things about it but unfortunately I couldn’t subscribe because for some reason their […]

  • Google PageRank finally updated

    Google finally updated the toolbar PR figures and this is definitely a weird update.Many people are baffled because lots of websites lost a lot of PR and no one really knows why. Here’s a list I copied from SEOmoz which shows what happened to a bunch of fairly well known websites: PR6 > PR4 […]

  • Random Saturday Ramblings

    Yesterday I finally finished the review of the OCZ Flex XLC DDR2 memory. Normally this review should have been ready in September but I was kinda lazy and I also adjusted my “review queue” a couple of times to get reviews of newly announced products up first . The OCZ FlexXLC memory kit I tested […]

  • W Revenue – new blog with some nice tips

    I read a review on John Chow’s blog today about Scott Wainner’s new blog. This guy had a lot of success on the Internet in the late 90’s – he had a successful hardware site called SysOpt and had a price comparison site called ResellerRatings. Both sites were getting quite a lot of traffic and were sold in […]

  • Do no evil.. or something like that

    Bad news for lots of site owners. It looks like the rumours that Google is penalizing sites for selling links are true: Last week, I noticed the Stanford Daily had dropped from (PR9) when I wrote the above in April to PR7 today. That’s a huge drop that has no apparent reason to happen. Some […]