Online advertising in Belgium not growing

A report about the advertising market in Belgium was released this week by CIM Media. The report took a look at the advertising spending of Belgian companies in January to May and found they were 2.1 percent higher than the year before.

One of the things I find surprising is that the marketshare of online advertising declinded as online ad spending only went up 0.1% – basically a zero growth rate. According to the report online advertising accounts for only 2.8 percent of the advertising market in Belgium which is pretty low considering how much time people spend on the Internet these days.

Here’s a list list of ad spending, the market share and the growth rate:

  • Magazines: 9.9%  (+4.2%)
  • TV: 38%  (+3%)
  • Newspapers: 23%  (+2.5%)
  • Bulletin boards: 8%  (+2.2%)
  • Radio: 12%  (+1.6%)
  • Movie theatres: 0.7% (+1.6%)
  • Internet: 2.8%  (+0.1%)
  • Free regional press: 5.1%  (-7.7%)
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    1. Compared to the growth of online advertising the world over … these surely are surprising figures …
      The advertising agents need to take the initiative and explain the benefits of online advertising …. which should surely might help the cause …

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