Category: Technology

  • Just ordered a new toy for my camera

    I just ordered the Lowepro Cirrus TLZ 25 camera bag and the Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS lens for my Canon EOS 450D dSLR camera. I already have the EF-S 18-55mm IS kit lens and this new lens should give me more zooming power. The 55-250mm lens features Image Stabilization (IS) and according to many people […]

  • Gizmodo editor gets banned from CES

    Lots of members of the press try to have some fun at CES but some people go a bit too far. Gizmodo apparently crossed the line last week when they shut down dozens of LCD displays with some kind of universal remote: CES has no shortage of displays. And when MAKE offered us some TV-B-Gone clickers […]

  • The 114EUR PC

    I assembled a new computer system for my dad this week for only 114EUR . I have lots of spare parts so the only thing I needed to buy for his system was a motherboard and a processor. This rig will only be used for office work and Internet browsing so the specifications are pretty […]

  • Now and then: Processor coolers

    A retro post on Niko’s blog gave me some inspiration for a retro post on my blog. Here are two pictures of processor coolers – a modern one and one from more than ten years ago.  On the left you can see my first (and only) AMD CPU together with its cooler. This chip comes from my […]

  • AMD Phenom keychain

    I found a photo of a pretty cool keychain from AMD on a Japanese hardware site called IT Media. I don’t understand Japanese but I believe AMD is handing out some of these Phenom keychains to select journalists at the Japanese Phenom processor launch event. I want one