Gizmodo editor gets banned from CES

Lots of members of the press try to have some fun at CES but some people go a bit too far. Gizmodo apparently crossed the line last week when they shut down dozens of LCD displays with some kind of universal remote:

CES has no shortage of displays. And when MAKE offered us some TV-B-Gone clickers to bring to the show, we pretty much couldn’t help ourselves. We shut off a TV. And then another. And then a wall of TVs. And we just couldn’t stop.

This would be cool if they just did it once but the reporter’s childish behaviour pissed off a lot of people. The Consumer Electronics Association reports they’ve banned the Gizmodo blogger from CES and are considering to take further sanctions against Gizmodo and Gawker Media:

We have been informed of inappropriate behavior on the show floor by a credentialed media attendee from the Web site Gizmodo, owned by Gawker Media. Specifically, the Gizmodo staffer interfered with the exhibitor booth operations of numerous companies, including disrupting at least one press event. The Gizmodo staffer violated the terms of CES media credentials and caused harm to CES exhibitors. This Gizmodo staffer has been identified and will be barred from attending any future CES events. Additional sanctions against Gizmodo and Gawker Media are under discussion.

Here’s a video of Gizmodo’s prank:

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