Category: Investing

  • Make your money work harder for you

    An easy way to earn more money is to make the money you already have work harder for you. Here in Flanders most people keep their savings in savings accounts or other financial products from one of the three largest banks but in most cases you’re leaving a lot of money on the table if […]

  • NVIDIA takes another pounding

    Just when I thought the stock market was recovering well the whole market collapsed again. High oil prices, inflation and troubles in the financial sector are pushing the whole market down. There’s a lot of panic and lots of shares are getting dumped at low prices but few are buying as many people think we’ll go […]

  • Yahoo Finance goes real-time

    I just noticed that Yahoo Finance now offers real-time stock quotes. AFAIK they are now one of the only sites that give their visitors access to free real-time stock quotes, sites like Google Finance all work with a 15-minute delay and that can sometimes be an eternity as things can move really fast. Real-time data shown […]

  • NVIDIA, the dollar and CMB

    NVIDIA (NVDA) Yesterday I wrote NVIDIA gained another 2.81% and today the rally continued. NVDA has gained $1.02 (+4.74%) today and went up 11.76% in the last five days – a pretty nice rally on a high volume. More than 28.28 million shares were traded today, that’s 50% more than usual and a good sign. […]

  • Nice tech rally today

    The stock market has already recovered quite a bit since the crash earlier this year. The Dow Jones closed at 13,010 (+1.48%) today, the highest level since early January. Especially tech stocks did really well today, Nasdaq gained 2.81% and is now at the highest level since mid-January. The markets seem to be happy as […]