Category: Investing

  • NVIDIA beats expectations, good guidance

    As I wrote a couple of days ago I bought some NVIDIA shares. NVIDIA’s stock performed fairly poor in the days after I bought the shares but since yesterday I’m back in the green. Today they’ve announced their financial results and it was a pretty interesting day, NVDA opened at $26.20 and closed at $27.02. […]

  • Tech shares are going up again

    The INTC shares I bought last week are doing pretty well. When the stock market dipped I managed to buy the stock at $18.32 – one of Intel’s lowest levels in one year and a half. I was planning to keep the stock for at least several months and the market went up quicker than […]

  • Gambling on the stock market

    Playing a bit on the stock market was one of the things I’ve been wanting to do since I was a kid but I never did it because I was too afraid that the stock would tank and never recover to the level I bought it at.  Two years ago for instance I was planning […]