Nice tech rally today

The stock market has already recovered quite a bit since the crash earlier this year. The Dow Jones closed at 13,010 (+1.48%) today, the highest level since early January. Especially tech stocks did really well today, Nasdaq gained 2.81% and is now at the highest level since mid-January. The markets seem to be happy as the Fed is expected to stop fiddling with the interest rate for a while.

I made some profit on trading Intel (INTC) shares last month and I have also been accumulating a lot of NVIDIA (NVDA) shares since February. Unfortunately I started buying a bit too early but the stock is starting to recover and I’m almost in the green.

NVDA gained 4.62% today and is now priced at $21.50 – It’s already up 24% from the low of $17.31 a couple of weeks ago but still very far from its 52 week high of $39.67. Some analysts have been pretty bearish on this stock but IMO the fundamentals are really good. If the firm’s first quarter results, which will be announced on May 8, are decent the stock may jump a lot higher. I’m going to hold on to my NVDA shares for at least 2 years and I hope I’ll at least be able to double my money.


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