Month: February 2008

  • Dollar drops to new record low

    As oil jumped over $100 per barrel and gold reached new record heights of over $960 the U.S. dollar reached a new record low yesterday. For the first time since the euro was found in 1999 the U.S. dollar crushed the psychological barrier of $1.5 per EUR. Analysts believe the Fed will further cut the intrest […]

  • Google’s paid clicks are dropping

    Google’s stock took another big hit today on fears that it won’t be able to meet Wall Street’s expectations. Market research firm comScore published a report today that indicated that the amount of paid clicks on Google’s search engine dropped 7% month-over-month in January and remained relatively flat with the same period last year. In its […]

  • There Will Be Blood review

    Unlike you may expect from the title There Will Be Blood isn’t another Hostel or Saw-like horror film, it’s a drama about the rise of a ruthless oil man. The star of the show is Daniel Plainview (played by Daniel Day-Lewis), a man who makes his entry into the oil business in California at the […]

  • Rambo review – Heroes never die… They just reload

    In 2006 Sylvester Stallone made a comeback with Rocky Balbao and this year he breathes new life into his other alter ego, Rambo. The story of this new Rambo movie focuses on the problems in Burma and starts with some news videos to make the viewer aware of the situation in this country. The star […]

  • DV Hardware now has +400 RSS readers

    I’ve been using FeedBurner for quite some time now to track how many RSS readers I have and today is the first time the DV Hardware feed reached over 400 subscribers! On average we have about 365 subscribers but now it has jumped to 402 My blog currently has 19 RSS subscribers.