Rambo review – Heroes never die… They just reload

rambo.jpgIn 2006 Sylvester Stallone made a comeback with Rocky Balbao and this year he breathes new life into his other alter ego, Rambo.

The story of this new Rambo movie focuses on the problems in Burma and starts with some news videos to make the viewer aware of the situation in this country. The star of the show, John Rambo, is living his life peacefully in a rural Thai village when he gets contacted by a group of Christian aid workers who want him to take them up river to a Burmese village.

He thinks it’s foolish to get into this war zone but after some persuasion Rambo decides to help them to get into war-torn Burma. Unfortunately a guy from the Christian aid organization contacts him several weeks later with the news that the folks he got into Burma are missing. Rambo is once again asked to transport a group of people into Burma – this time a group of mercenaries with the objective to save the Christian aid workers. Rambo is supposed to be the boat man but guess who’s going to save who when the shit hits the fan.

Basically the story isn’t really that exciting, it’s just there to glue all the kickass action together. And there’s definitely a lot of action in this movie, it features some of the best action scenes I’ve seen in a while and a massive kill count of 236. Grandpa Stallone kills an army of Burmese soldiers at a rate of 2.59 men per minute!


If you’re a fan of action movies you definitely need to see this movie, it’s 1.5 hours of 80’s style kickass action with lots of gore. I was pretty impressed by the performance of the 61 years old Stallone and I really hope he considers to make a fifth Rambo movie. After seeing this you realize that few of today’s actors can replace the good old action heroes from the eighties.

Heroes never die…. They just reload. 8/10

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