There Will Be Blood review

Unlike you may expect from the title There Will Be Blood isn’t another Hostel or Saw-like horror film, it’s a drama about the rise of a ruthless oil man. The star of the show is Daniel Plainview (played by Daniel Day-Lewis), a man who makes his entry into the oil business in California at the start of the 20th century.

The movie shows how Plainview drills his first well and several years later the entrepreneur has several oil-producing wells. He’s a relatively small fish in the business but that changes when he buys a tip from a man who knows a place that allegedly has an ocean of oil under the land. Plainview follows up on the lead and when he discovers oil on the land in Little Boston, California he goes on a quest to acquire the rights to drill on all the oil-rich property.

The first property he acquires belongs to the Sunday family, one of the more notable members of this family is Eli Sunday. This young religious fanatic will use Plainview’s money to start his Church of the Third Revelation. Plainview brings a lot of wealth to the community in Little Boston and becomes a very wealthy man but his greedy, mean and arrogant nature will get him into conflicts with Eli, his rivals and even with his son…


There Will Be Blood is a well made movie that tells an interesting story of oil, greed and religion. One of the best things of this movie is the marvelous acting from Daniel Day-Lewis. Just like in Gangs of New York his role was very impressive and the oscar Day-Lewis received yesterday for his performance in this movie is definitely well deserved.

I rate There Will Be Blood 8/10.

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