Month: August 2007

  • Starship Troopers review

    Two days ago I saw Starship Troopers, a movie by Paul Verhoeven that was released in 1997. This movie is set in the 23rd century – democracy has failed and the world is now run by a fascistic and very militarist government. For instance, if you want to be a real “citizen” in thiw world […]

  • AC Ryan MobiliT notebook battery review ready

    The weather was pretty good today which allowed me to do some work outside on my notebook. One of the things I worked on was the review of AC Ryan’s MobiliT notebook battery. This product is compatible with most notebooks available on the market and will give your system a few hours extra battery life.

  • Another reason why Google should drop DMOZ

    A couple of days ago I wrote about ShoeMoney’s bad experience with DMOZ. Basically some corrupt editor demanded $5,000 from ShoeMoney or else his listing would be deleted – he refused to pay and much to his surprise he noticed that his listing was indeed gone. Today when I was browsing Digg I noticed an […]

  • Movie Review roundup

    I’ve watched quite a lot of movies in the past weeks but wasn’t really in the mood to write little reviews about them on this blog. Kinda weird but since I got back from Pukkelpop last week I haven’t really felt motivated to do a lot of work, besides the daily routine I haven’t really […]

  • 17-year old girl makes up to $70,000 a month with MySpace site

    Fast Company published a fairly long article in the September edition of their magazine about the 17-year old Ashley Qualls. This girl runs a MySpace layout and graphics site called Whateverlife. I never heard about this site before but she seems to be doing amazingly well, according to the article the three-year old site receives […]