Month: August 2007

  • Tempo – stores all your trash

    CagnidaDesign posted a pretty sweet concept on their site called Tempo – this is an external hard drive in the shape of a trash can that stores everything you delete. Intended to protect the user from accidentally deleting files, it can also be used as an external storage device. As you delete files, they are […]

  • DMOZ is corrupt

    I was a bit bored today and checked out a couple of blogs I haven’t visited in a while, like ShoeMoney’s blog. I noticed a pretty interesting post on his blog about the open directory project, DMOZ. ShoeMoney says he got an e-mail a while back from a guy who claimed to be a DMOZ […]

  • PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W PSU reviewed

    The review of PCP&C’s Silencer 750W power supply was published on DV Hardware a couple of hours ago. This is a quite powerful unit with stable rails but if you’re looking for absolute quietness or modular cabling you better look elsewhere. I still have a lot of news to post today but I’m planning to […]

  • The Itanium processor desk

    Today I came across a pretty nice looking modded desk on the Internet. A German guy called Matt Tovey got his hands on hundreds of Itanium chips which were supposed to go the scrap-yard but he got a better idea: he incorporated all the CPUs in his new desk. It took him quite a lot […]

  • Games Convention 2007 in Leipzig

    Three weeks ago I discovered that there’s another quite interesting gaming/computer show in Germany this week called Games Convention. With more than 180,000 visitors GC in Leipzig is one of the biggest gaming events of the year, only rivalled by the Tokyo Game Show. At GC2007 most game developers will show off their new games and lots of big computer brands like […]