Two new reviews at DV Hardware

I’ve published two new reviews at DV Hardware, first there’s the review of PC Power & Cooling’s Silencer 610. This is a 610W PSU with a 49A +12V rail and a high efficiency. Overall this PSU is highly recommended if you’re building a high-end system, it doesn’t have any fancy features but delivers stable power.

Next is the review of the Vizo Ninja II notebook cooler, this product is designed to keep 15-17″ widescreen notebooks cool. It has some shortcomings but does a fine job at keeping all the hardware inside your notebook a bit cooler.

Today I’m going to start working on a review of a 1150MHz Reaper HPC memory kit from OCZ, I’m going to try to get it ready by Sunday. Another thing I really need to start working on are more income streams and more traffic sources for my websites. I’ve been trying to do this for more than a year now but haven’t been really successful at this.

The Holiday Season was pretty good but after Christmas everything went downhill. My traffic stayed pretty much the same but income of some of my major moneymakers went down by as much as 40-50% which is pretty depressing. Especially Vibrant Media is performing quite bad this month, it seems like all their advertisers have run out of money.


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