Top Commentators for July

I’m just back home, this noon my dad and I went to a restaurant to eat “paling”. I’m not sure how this fish is called in English but according to Wikipedia it’s known as European eel in English. This is one of my favorite dishes and it was really delicious

My blog is a bit more than a month old now. July was my first full month of blogging and it’s been a great experience. Thomas De Maesschalck dot com has received thousands of visitors and I’ve met a couple of really nice people.

This blog is currently ranked at 145,101 by Technorati, I’ve already written 85 blog posts, received 96 comments, got 49 spam comments and also made some pocket-change with my personal blog. 

To thank all my visitors here’s some more link love for the top commentators of last month  :

  • Leo Chiang
  • Niko Lupala
  • Carmen
  • Francisco Diez
  • Saman Sadeghi
  • Brown Baron
  • Ms Danielle
  • Tyler Ingram
  • Stephen Fung
  • Shaun
  • Weather-wise July has been a quite bad month. Here in Flanders we’ve had a lot of rain and rather cold weather. Fortunately it’s finally improving a bit, the sun is shining today and its 23.5°C

    Later today you can expect a post about my top money makers in July.

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    1. Thanks for the link !!! Congrats on your success so far keep up the good work. You have a really nice blog going on here 🙂

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