Top 10 Search Engine Ranking Factors

While reading a bit on Webmasterworld I heard someone talking about a new article on SEOmoz about the top ten ranking factors in 2007. Last year I still visited a lot of search engine and SEO related blogs and forums but I’ve kinda lost my interest in this field. I looked up the article on Google and even though the article is already a few months old it’s still pretty interesting.

To compile this list SEOmoz didn’t only use their inhouse experience, they also asked the input of 35 participants spanning a wide range of specializations, geographies and even hat color.

Here’s a look at what may be the ten most important ranking factors in 2007, right next to the results of the same survey in 2005:

Top 10  Ranking factors 2007 Ranking factors 2005
1. Keyword use in title tag Title tag
2. Global link popularity of site Anchor text of links
3. Anchor text of inbound link Keyword use in document text
4. Link popularity within the site’s internal
  link structure
Accessibility of document
5. Age of site Links to document from site-internal pages
6. Topical relevance of inbound links to site Primary subject matter of site
7. Link popularity of site in topical community External links to linking pages
8. Keyword use in body text Link popularity of site in topical community
9. Global link popularity of linking site Global link popularity of site
10. Topical relationship of linking page Keyword spamming

One of the big movers is global link popularity. One excellent example of this is Wikipedia which today ranks pretty high for just about anything.

For much more details you can check out SEOmoz’s search ranking factors article.


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