ThermalTake Toughpower 1000W – DV Hardware Product Inbox

FedEx dropped off another package today, the Toughpower 1000W power supply with CableManagement from ThermalTake. This box is a bit bigger and heavier than most power supplies I’ve reviewed in the past.

TT Toughpower 1000W

This 1000W power supply features four +12V rails with 20A on the first and second 12V line and 36A on the third and fourth 12V line. The PSU features a big 140mm fan and has a modular cable system to improve your case’s tidyness and airflow.

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  1. That looks sweet! You’re gonna have to find a bunch of accessories to power now 😉 Time to go toy shopping!

  2. I just checked out your review and found out that ThermalTake has already made one improvement to this PSU, the new revisions do feature a small bag for the extra modular cables 😛

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