The ship is sinking

Wow the U.S. dollar is falling quick these days. An announcement from Chinese officials that China would further diversify its currency reserves made the dollar drop to $1.47 per EUR. A couple of months ago this was still about $1.36 per EUR.

Here’s a chart from Yahoo showing the €/$ currency exchange of the last couple of months:


Guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer before I can deposit all my U.S. dollar checks . At this rate I need to be making a lot more money each month just to keep my purchasing power at the same level and unfortunately I’ve still not found any good ways to make money on the web in euros.

By the way, gold and oil are have also reached new record levels this week and Google’s stock is now worth more than $740 per share. Too bad I didn’t purchase some GOOG shares in 2006. I was planning to pick up some of their shares when they were still trading below $400 but was too scared as I feared they had almost reached their peak in the stock market. Looks like I was wrong.

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