Category: Politics and economics

  • If you build it.. they will not come

    Ah the joys of central planning by a supposedly superhuman creature named government. Here’s a video of New Ordos, a brand new Chinese city designed for 1 million citizens, built in just five years. But nobody moved in, the city is completely empty…

  • Freefall

    Wonder why the value of the US dollar is going down? The St. Louis Fed has one of the answers:

  • How governments spin economic data (video)

    Today I came across an interesting video created by Chris Martenson, it deals with how accurate economic data really is. Martenson gives examples on how governments spin economic data such as inflation figures, unemployment, and GDP to make them look rosier than they really are. It’s just under 16 minutes long and definitely worth a […]

  • Daily economics – stocks are falling

    Just watched the latest episode of Weeds, what a lovely show 🙂 Another series I’ve picked up is Supernatural, I didn’t really expect much of this TV show but after watching the first episode I was hooked and worked my way through the first season pretty quick. Reuters reports “socks” fell to their lowest level […]

  • Daily economics – inflation and more

    The last couple of days have been pretty hot and it’s about to get even hotter, so far this summer is lining up to be pretty good. Here’s another edition of daily economics with an overview of some interesting articles and videos I spotted today (or in the last couple of days). InflationUS presents Hyperinflation […]