The Last Kiss review

The Last Kiss posterThis movie is about a young couple and their friends. Architect Michael seems to have a pretty good life. He has a nice job, good friends and a lovely wife called Jenna who is carrying his baby. But somehow Michael feels that something is still missing in his life, he believes that it’s too predictable and he feels a bit trapped.

At a wedding Michael meets the young, beautiful and somewhat mysterious Kim. They start talking and Kim starts flirting with him. It all starts pretty innocent but gets pretty serious as the movie progresses.

Not only Michael gets into trouble, his friends and even Jenna’s parents face a crisis during the movie. It looks like just about anyone is having relational problems in the movie and Jenna seems to be one of the only ones who isn’t affected and feels happy with her boyfriend. That is until she discovers that Michael has been lying to her..

The Last Kiss was a pretty nice movie about relations, love, lust, betrayal, marriage and friendship. I give it a 7.5/10.

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