The Condemned review

One of the latest movies I’ve seen is The Condemned.

A guy called Jack Conrad (played by former professional wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin) is the main character in this adrenalin-charged action movie. Conrad is awaiting the death penalty in a Central American prison but together with 9 other criminals he’s bought free by a rich television producer.

All 10 convicts are taken to an isolated island somewhere in the Pacific were they will be forced to fight each other to the death.  The convicts will play in an exclusive television show which can be followed from all over the world through the Internet and are told that one of them will regain freedom, if he/she is the only one standing after three days on the island.

The story is a lot like Battle Royale but with convicts instead of children.

The Condemned action scene

Don’t expect a lot from the story, The Condemned is nothing more than a brainless action movie. It features lots of violence and some very nice combats, I give it a 7/10.

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  1. Ain’t wraslin’ great. The Rock was my fav. Has this movie hit the big screen or is a straight to DVD deal? Did it release in the States?

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