The Butterfly Effect 2 DVD review

Yesterday I watched The Butterfly Effect and today I watched the sequel. Like I already mentioned in the previous review I bought both movies together in a bundle.

Just like the first movie The Butterfly Effect 2 is all about the “butterfly effect” which implies that one small thing or change can have a huge impact on everything else, like that the flutter of a butterfly could cause a hurricane on the other side of the world. The main character in The Butterfly Effect 2 is Nick Larson, he’s in his early twenties, has a nice girlfriend, two good friends and is building up his career at a startup.

The movie starts with a with a scene at a beautiful lake in the mountains, it’s shot somewhere near Vancouver. I’ve been seeing a lot about this city lately and I would really like to visit it sometime – perhaps within a couple of years. Anyway, the scene shows Nick Larson together with his best friends Trevor and Amanda at the celebration of the 24th birthday of his girlfriend Julie.

But then Nick’s work interrupts, his cell phone goes off and he has to go to a meeting. But unfortunately he never gets there. As Nick, his girlfriend and his two best friends are on the road they get a flat tire and just seconds later they get hit by a truck. Nick wakes up in the hospital a couple of days or weeks later and discovers that Julie, Trevor and Amanda are all dead.

Nick starts recovering and goes back to work. A year later he’s doing alright, besides the fact that he gets a lot of migraine-like seizures. Just like Evan in the first movie Nick starts to discover that he’s capable of changing his past. But as you already learned in the first movie it’s not a good idea to mess with your past. One small change in an attempt to improve your future can have many unexpected and unpleasant consequences.

The Butterfly Effect 2

As The Butterfly Effect 2 went straight to DVD and wasn’t released in movie theaters you can probably already guess that this movie isn’t as great as the first one. The acting is believable but I do think the script could use some more work to give the characters a bit more depth. I’ve read many negative comments about this sequel and while I agree that it’s certainly not as good as the first one I still think that it’s not too bad. I enjoyed watching it and give it a 7/10.

The DVD features some extras like a 15 minutes behind the sets feature which shows you how they made some of the scenes like the car crash. You can also hear the director bitching that they were forced to create this movie in the middle of winter in Canada while they originally intended to shoot it in summer and that some scenes had to be altered because of this . Besides the behind the scenes clip the DVD also has short interviews with all the main actors and the director.

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