The best investments of the past 52 weeks

While browsing and reading a bit I found an interesting chart from The Big Picture that shows how different investments did last week and over the past 52 weeks.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the best investment you could make last week was the US dollar, this currency gained an average of 4.2%. That’s one percent more than last week’s return of gold and significantly better than all other investments, which lost significantly last week amidst a broad market selloff. The biggest losers were European stocks, emerging-market stocks and global stocks.

The best investments of the past 52 weeks look pretty similar, both the dollar and gold would have given you a positive return. Gold netted a gain of 14.3% and the US dollar rose 6.9 percent. The next best thing was crude oil, but that investment would have cost you 7.2 percent. The worst three investments of the past 52 weeks were emerging-market stocks, European stocks and global stocks.

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  1. 😕

    The Wall Street Shock wave has hit hard but Gold and the US Dollar has managed to stay afloat.

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