Start of holiday season, new review at DVH

Black Friday in the United States kicked off the holiday season, there are worries that due to the economic crisis people are going to spend a lot less this year but Black Friday spending seems to be a success. ShopperTrak says sales were up 3 percent from last year on Black Friday and a survey of shoppers for the National Retail Federation reports spending online and at physical stores rose 7.2 percent. Furthermore, there’s also a report at Reuters that online payment service PayPal saw almost 34 percent more transactions this Black Friday than a year earlier.

Overall this is pretty good news for me as I’ve seen my income go up significantly since Thanksgiving, although it’s still lower than last year. However, I’m getting a bit more optimistic and think my income over the next couple of months may be higher than I anticipated. If you’re wondering if I bought something this weekend; the answer is no, here in Belgium we don’t have this kind of shopping craze.

In other news, I’ve just published another review on DV Hardware. Today I took a look at the ATP EarthDrive, which is world’s first recyclable USB drive.

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