Some random ramblings

While the weather was absolutely perfect on Saturday and Sunday this week it’s starting to suck again. Summer isn’t over yet but so far this has been one of the worst summers I’ve ever had. Nothing but rain, clouds and barely any sunshine.

I hope the weather improves a bit but on the other hand I hope it won’t get too hot when I go to Pukkelpop next week. Sleeping in a tent and watching concerts the whole day isn’t really fun when it’s boiling hot.

Within the next couple of days some new reviews are coming up on DV Hardware. I try to finish reviews of products asap but over the last couple of days I haven’t really done any reviewing work. I felt kinda tired and was too unmotivated. But I’ll have to get started soon on the review of a couple of products I’ve recently received as new samples will arrive later this week or next week.

Income-wise August has already been pretty good, if the current trend keeps up income for August will be about 15% higher than July. More about that will follow later this month or on September 1st.

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  1. Up here in Edmonton Canada the weather has been awsome this summer! We’ve had like 30+ days (in celsius) a lot of times in the past two months. Then once winter hits it’s gona be freezing ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Here in the Texas desert we are still drying out from our monsoons, that we don’t normally get. Looks like we sent them your way. Enjoy that :thumbs:

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