Some link love for the Top Commentators


It’s the end of the month again so it’s time to hand out some more link love to everyone who visits this blog a lot.

The top commentator this month with 20 comments is Shaun Low, he has just published an article about the All In One SEO plugin for WordPress. I’m using this WordPress plugin too and it offers some nice improvements. It even allows you to write a custom description and keyword META tag for each of your blog posts but to be honest I’m mostly too lazy to do this..

Deborah Freeman (Debo Hobo) ranks second with 11 comments, her blog is mostly about travel. Yesterday Deborah wrote a pretty nice post about what all your travel-related dreams mean. Dreaming of a car for instance means motion, speed and freedom.

The third biggest comment poster on my blog is Niko Lupala. He runs a hardware site called R&B Mods and is soon going on a trip to Los Angeles.

Cooliojones and Leo Chiang both wrote six comments. Cooliojones wrote a post about using your cell phone for sales and Leo says he’s been pretty busy on the set of shows like Psych, Andromeda Strain, Reaper, Kaya, Jpod, L-Word and Bionic Woman. He’ll also be working on the movie adaption of the Watchmen comics.

The sixth top commentator is Mark Fultz, he published an article on this week about blogging is socialization . Simon also took the time to write four comments this months, he just joined Facebook and invites you to add him as a friend and join his Simon’s Money Notes group. And the third person with four comments is my girlfriend Carmen. She runs a small gadget blog called Gadget Flash but these days she barely updates it anymore.

Bob Buskirk, who runs Think Computers, wrote an article on his blog this week with tips on releasing content. He’s also broadcasting his life on the Internet, you can visit this page if you want to see what he’s doing.

And the tenth top commentator is Alain Gonzalez, he has a Spanish blog about Ubuntu, open-source software, WordPress and other things.

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