PR update coming soon

Google updates the Toolbar PR about every 100 days and as the last update is already 100 days ago most people believe a new update will follow really soon.

Some people on forums like Webmasterworld and DigitalPoint are already seeing some changes but most people don’t. I’ve checked my blog and DV Hardware at SEO Chat’s Future PageRank tool but couldn’t spot any changes yet.

 DV Hardware is still at PR5 and this blog has no PR, which is normal as is only about six weeks old. I hope the new Toolbar PR update will be a bit more positive than the last ones.

Years ago DV Hardware used to be a PR7 site but this later dropped to PR6 and with the last PR update about 3 months ago it further dropped to PR5. I’m not sure why, perhaps because I’ve not been gaining links fast enough anymore.


3 responses to “PR update coming soon”

  1. im excited for the page rank :thumbs: . I got a few backlinks from some page rank 7 sites so it will be interesting to see what i get ranked.

  2. Damn Shaun where did you find that? Yeah I’m quite excited also, I’ve never been through this before and my blog has been jumping up and down recently so its a bit nerve racking.


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