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It’s been over two weeks since I last wrote about my tadpoles, since then they’ve grown quite a bit and I have put most of them back in the pond. I thought about 30 tadpoles would hatch from the frogspawn I collected about a month ago, but it turned out to be at least double as much. There are still around 10 tadpoles in my bowl, while there are probably over a hundred of them in our pond. The tadpoles are starting to look a bit like frogs now, but they still need to lose their tail and grow legs.

Here are some photos:

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My tadpoles are growing up extremely fast. Thursday there were just in their egg stage, but today most of them are already swimming around a bit. The ones I’m raising inside are developing much faster than the ones in the pond, it seems that the warmer and more stable room temperature is doing them a lot of good. Compared to the tadpoles in the jar, the frogspawn in the pond is about three days behind.

Thursday I discovered lots of frogspawn in our little garden pond, the two brown frogs I spotted earlier this week have laid hundreds of eggs between the waterplants. There are so many eggs because most of them never turn into a frog, but considering that there aren’t any predators (like goldfish) in our pond it’s possible many of them will be able to reach adulthood. There were about five fish in our pond last year, but it appears that none of them survived this year’s harsh winter.

Below is a gallery with some pictures of the frogspawn.  There were several large clumps in our pond, I took one of the smaller ones and put it in a bowl to get a closer look at how they turn into tadpoles. Some of the eggs in the bowl are already starting to hatch, they’re developing faster than the ones in the pond.

Today was another day with lovely Spring weather, very sunny but not too hot. Perfect weather to do some work outside on my laptop.

Nature is waking up again, as the following picture illustrates. When I went outside this afternoon I noticed a greenish blob next to our garage door. When taking a closer look, it turned out to be two frogs making little froggies.


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