Oceade = lots of fun

Two days ago Thomas (yeah he has the same name as me) and I made a trip to Oceade, a tropical waterpark in Brussels.

Pizza Hut
First we went to one of the Pizza Hut restaurants in Brussels for their Pizza Buffet. Everyday between 12 PM and 2 PM you can eat as many pizzas as you want and drink as many soft drinks as you can for around 11 euros which is a pretty good deal IMO.  Usually I eat around 8-10 pieces of pizza but this time I only had 6 pieces to make sure I wouldn’t throw up when sliding off one of the many slides in Oceade .

One of the benefits of being your own boss is that you can take a day off whenever you want. Usually when you would go to a place like Oceade there would be hundreds of people and you would have to queue 5-10 minutes to get on one of the slides but as we went in the middle of the week when everyone is at work or at school there were very few people in Oceade.

When we arrived around 1 PM there were only seven other people so we basically had the whole park for ourselves! The water in Oceade is 29°C and there are 11 slides, a wave pool, a big jacuzzi, three saunas and many other attractions.

The biggest choice of slides in Belgium : 11 !

  • The Cycloon, a big slide of 140 meters long, brings great fun for everyone.
  • The Bounty Raft, the longest slide of Belgium. It is also the first slide in Belgium with a duo tube.
  • The two Bala de Canon (Canonballs), unique in Belgium, are for those who dare to do a little more; you are launched from 1 meter above the water.
  • The two Salto Angel are for those who dare to slide from a height of 13 meters at an angle of 45°.
  • The Hurricane is the fastest slide in Belgium. From a height of 18 meters, it only takes 7 seconds to travel 80 meters : thrills assured!
  • The speed of the 4 children’s slides is especially adapted for even the smallest children.

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