New Year’s resolutions – one month later

Now January is coming to an end I thought it would be fun to take a look at how I’m doing with the nine resolutions I wrote down at the start of this month.

Grow DV Hardware: That was the first resolution and I haven’t really been successful at it this month. Traffic is a bit higher than last month but only be a small margin.

Get up earlier: I still get up pretty late but it’s improving..

Try to get things done on time: Totally failed to do that this month. I planned to get some reviews done but I’ve been pretty lazy in the second half of January. Spend a bit too much time on watching TV shows and movies  I watched a lot of episodes of Veronica Mars this month, pretty good TV show with Kristen Bell.

Learn English: Maybe during spring or summer.. Learning languages is pretty boring.

Make more money, try new projects: Haven’t been successful on this one either. Was too lazy to try new projects and the income from DV Hardware is declining as the holiday season is over. More about this will follow later this week, I’m planning to make a comeback in affiliate marketing in February. The only new thing I tried this month was investing some money on the stock market.

Learn more about photography: I’ve been able to take some nicer pictures thanks to some tricks I picked up on the Internet but I’m still waiting to buy a new camera. I’m planning to get a dSLR and I’m holding off till the Canon EOS 450D (EOS Rebel XSi in the US) is available. It was presented at PMA08 this week and should be available in March. I’m still waiting for the first reviews of this camera on sites like DPReview but the previews are pretty positive. I also still need to decide which lens I’m going to get, perhaps I’ll start with the new IS kit lens as I’ve heard that the one that ships with the 450D is a lot better than the one that’s bundled with the 350D and 400D dSLR cameras.

Get my driver’s license: I’ve had some more practise this month..

Do some more sport: Well not really this month, I’m waiting until the weather improves a bit. It’s still pretty cold outside, I’m planning to do some cycling or running during the spring and summer months.

Take some time off: Not this month but I’ve already booked a holiday for next summer.

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