Mr. Brooks review

Mr. Brooks is a psychological thriller about a guy called Earl Brooks. On the outside he seems perfectly normal, he’s a family man, owns a successful business and was just named Portland Chamber of Commerce’s Man of the Year.

However, Earl has a big secret: he’s sometimes possessed by a dark alter-ego called Marshall which forces him to kill. He has become a serial killer and he’s really good at covering all his tracks, making it impossible for police investigators to find him.

Earl is trying to quit murdering and succeeded for two years, but the night that he became Man of the Year he picks up his old addiction. Unfortunately he makes a mistake during this murder and now a guy who calls himself Mr. Smith is blackmailing him. This voyeur has pictures of Earl shooting a couple and demands that Earl takes him along on the next killing as he wants to experience the thrill of a murder.

Mr. Brooks

This movie is really well made and was a lot better than I expected, I give it a 8.5/10. By the way, I heard that Mr. Brooks has been conceived as a trilogy and that the creators plan to shoot two more Mr. Brooks films if the first one is successful enough.

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