Kevin Mitnick’s and Steve Wozniak’s business cards

I found a photo at Flickr of Kevin Mitnick’s business card. Mitnick is a famous hacker who spend a couple of years in jail and now runs his own security company.

His business card is really cool, this metallic business card features a break-out lock picking kit  Not sure if this card is fully legal as in some countries it’s against the law to have burglary tools in your possession.

Mitnick business card

On Digg I also found a photo of Steve Wozniak’s business card, this metallic business card is very stylish:

Steve Wozniak business card

One of the places which sells this kind of cards is Plasma Design but it’s quite expensive, 250 business cards will cost you $769 (619EUR), or a bit more than $3 per card.

I still don’t have any business cards for DV Hardware or DM Media Group, I plan to order some soon but I first need a new logo as DV Hardware’s current logo kinda sucks. I’m not really good at designing logos and creating website layouts, perhaps I should hire someone to create a new logo but the problem is I still don’t really know how the logo should look like .


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  1. I like Steve’s card. I guess it’s good to have enough money to blow on cool cards, especially when they have functionality beyond contact info.

  2. I just write my info on razor blades with a Sharpie pen. Sometimes I write other peoples info on them and I stick’em in apples for Halloween 😉

  3. 😛 The concept is unique and true value for corporates (MNC’s) to add extra valuable priviledge to their Companies and will envy and force their competitors to have similar quality and values with respect to the Monetary Terms.

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