How to get started in PPC marketing

Zac Johnson wrote a guide on getting started with PPC marketing.

There are many ebooks out there that promise you riches for the low price of $97 (but only if you act within the first 24 hours!)… but in the end they are usually nothing more than broken promises, outdated strategies, or just an overall waste of time. I took the time to create this guide because I want others to learn how to make money online, without having to weed their way through expensive ebooks and other programs which pass them further along the path of shelling out more money. In this walkthrough I will show you how and where to find offers to promote, how to setup a new Google Adwords campaign, and at the end I give you my GOLDEN TIPS to help make your PPC Marketing Succeed.

The guide isn’t the golden grail to making money online but it’s a nice start if you want to make money with affiliate marketing. You can read it over here. I’m a bit surprised though that he’s mainly focusing on the content network as you usually hear that the quality of content network traffic is much lower than traffic from the search network.

I’ve been experimenting a bit with one Dutch affiliate offer this week but wasn’t really successful – I got little impressions and only a couple of clicks. But I haven’t really spend a  lot of time though. Zac’s guide motivated me to put some more time into this and I’m going to do some more experimenting later this evening.

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