Got Dugg

Just a random image of a server guyYou might have noticed that this blog and DV Hardware were loading slow or not loading at all yesterday. That’s because one of the articles on my blog made it to the frontpage of Digg.

The article which got dugg is the one about the 17-year old girl which makes up to $70k a month with her MySpace layout site. This came a bit unexpected as I didn’t expect that article – which basically just wraps up some info from a magazine article – would get so much traffic. First the article did pretty well on StumbleUpon and now I got thousands of visitors through Digg too.

Unfortunately the blog didn’t really benefit from all this. My webhost couldn’t handle the Digg effect and my sites were down or loading very slowly most of the time. When DV Hardware gets dugg or receives a lot of traffic it mostly continues to work (albeit lots slower than usual) but it appears that my wordpress blog uses a lot more server resources and therefore the server wasn’t able to handle the invasion of the Diggers.

I tried to reduce the server load and even temporarily redirected all the traffic from Digg directly to the Duggmirror mirror but it didn’t really help – the site remained slow as hell. The server was down/very slow for hours and I didn’t reap any benefits from the Digg.

According to Technorati I got only a handful of extra backlinks and because of poor monetization it didn’t really bring in a lot of money – barely $4. The digg did drive more than 14,000 readers to my blog but I don’t really think many of them will return and not many of them subscribes to the RSS feed.

This was one of my worst experiences with Digg ever   Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a dedicated server but I like to keep costs minimal heh  

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  1. But it does go to show how much traffic the right article can bring, whether it become sticky or not, at least some of them might. 🙂 The ‘worst’ I’ve ever got was about 150 visits from one of my first articles and it showed me what people wanted to know.

  2. Congrats on the digg!

    Yeah, kind of a bummer to get a digg on a blog with no real advertising layout. From what I hear, a WordPress blog is much easier to take down than a regular site might be because it is database driven. There are some plug-ins that you can use to help ease the load when your blog is dugg…

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