eXistenZ review

I was looking for a couple more movies about computers/internet and came across eXistenZ, a sci-fi thriller by David Cronenberg.

This movie was released in 1999 and is about Allegra Geller, world’s most successful game developer. Not really something you’d expect from a girl, and definitely not from one that looks as hot as Allegra (Jennifer Jason Leigh). At the start of the movie she’s about to show off one of her new games to 12 random people. The new game is called eXistenZ and immerses the player in a very real looking virtual world. To play it each player needs to plug a bio-organic gaming device, a pod, into a bioport (some sort of weird implant) near the bottom of the spine.

But suddenly everything goes wrong as someone tries to assassinate Allegra and she has to escape with Pikul, her bodyguard.

eXistenZ photo

Some parts of the movie were rather bizar, like the organic gaming pods and other weird things like organic guns that shoot teeth. There’s a thin line between virtual reality and reality but there’s a pretty nice twist at the end which explains everything. I give it a 6/10.

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