Dot Com Mogul Checklist for June

Even though we’re already two weeks into July I’m going to do the famous Dot Com Mogul checklist which was started by John Chow last year.

Heres the list:

– Your income is made from the Internet.

Check. In fact this is my first job, I’ve never done any other work.

– The minimum Internet income level is $10,000 per month (you can not add income from other sources to hit this $10K level).

Unfortunately not. It’s been a while since I’ve made that much.

– You have no jobs outside of the Internet.

Nope, this is my only job.

– You have a personal blog with your name as the domain name.

You’re reading it right now

– Your blog must be updated at least once per week.

Definitely, I’m currently posting about 2-3 posts a day.

– A Google search of your name must be the #1 spot.

This blog doesn’t come up first but DV Hardware does come up first if you search for my name so I suppose I meet this requirement
– You must be willing to help dot com mogul wannabes.

I’m always willing to help, unless you ask unreasonable things from me

– Give time, money or anything of value to a charitable cause each month.

No, I don’t meet this requirement. Generally I don’t give a lot to charity because I think my money won’t be used wisely enough.

– Personally help at least one person establish their online presence via a blog or website or help them enhance one they already have every month.

Sort of, I did somewhat convince my girlfriend to post some new content on her blog.


So looks like I’ve scored a 7 out of 9 Biggest problem will be to meet the $10,000 a month requirement.


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