Digg adds over 50 new features

digg.jpgDigg made some changes to their website today.

The Digg crew revamped the user profiles, which should make it easier for you to share stories and discover new stories by seeing what your friends are digging. They’ve also made it easier to find friends on Digg and there’s now also a shoutbox on your profile so other users can leave messages.

According to Kevin Rose there are more than 50 new features including favorites, profile customization, your Digg activity, your friends’ activity, privacy settings, notifications and much more.

One of the things I like is that Digg will now notify you when certain activities happen. When someone adds you as a friend for instance, or when one of your stories becomes popular. Pretty nice

On the Digg Blog I also spotted that they are planning to add a dedicated images section to Digg, a faster comments system, Digg alerts and a Story Suggest feature which recommends stories your friends dugg in the past.

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