Comment spam gets smarter – but not smart enough

My site DV Hardware has a pretty big admin module and features a page that I scripted a couple of years ago where I can keep track of all the new comments that users have posted on my site.

I check this page a couple of times a day to see what visitors say or to delete comment spam. Last year I got dozens of comment spam messages a day but since I’ve implemented CAPTCHAs this has dropped to only a couple of spam comments a month.

An hour ago when I checked the page which lists all the latest comments I noticed something weird. In the last 15 minutes or so one newly registered member had posted a comment on three of my reviews. I had a quick look and it didn’t look like spam but I was a bit conspicuous so I decided to take a closer look.

 What I discovered was that all three of these comments contained a link to a price comparison website. Even though this was already a bit spammy I still thought the comments were a bit legitimate as it looked like the spammer had done quite a lot of work to write something that seemed fairly relevant.

It was only when I started reading the comments a bit more carefully and copy & pasted some snips from the comments in Google that I found out that this comment spammer had stolen these comments from other sites and forums and had just added a sentence or two with a link to the price comparison site.

Nice attempt to spam my site, but these comments are deleted now. I wonder where they come from though as this was obviously not coming from a spambot but from a sloppy human. My best guess is that this price comparison site, which calls themselves, hired someone to post these comments or used a site which specialises in this like Jon Waraas’ controversial Buy Blog Comments.

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