Category: Technology

  • PC installed in Cooler Master Cosmos case

    I’ve just finished transfering my system to the CoolerMaster Cosmos case which I received yesterday. Here’s a picture of how it looks like: This case is pretty big and barely fits on my desk lol, it’s even bigger than the NZXT Zero case which I used before I switched to the Cosmos.  The full review […]

  • Teacher owns wannabe H4x0r kid

    I spotted a pretty funny story over at Digg today about a teacher who gave a wannabe “uber-hax0r” a lesson. It’s from a guy who teaches some Linux IT lessons to high school students during the summer. He talks about “Pima” a 17-year old kid who considers himself an uber-hax0r and constantly interrupts the lesson […]

  • Looking for a new laptop

    About 1.5 years ago I bought a Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook and set up a wireless network so I could work everywhere in and outside our house. This was pretty nice and allowed me to work while lying in my bed, sitting on the couch or while relaxing a bit outside in the sun. But […]

  • Apple iPhone vs Nokia N95

     P.S. I didn’t create this and no, I’m not a Nokia fanboy.