Category: Photography

  • Nice Spring weather

    Today was another day with lovely Spring weather, very sunny but not too hot. Perfect weather to do some work outside on my laptop. Nature is waking up again, as the following picture illustrates. When I went outside this afternoon I noticed a greenish blob next to our garage door. When taking a closer look, it turned out […]

  • Cold and icy weather

    The last two weeks or so the weather has been very cold here in Belgium. The past couple of winters were rather warm but this year it’s extremely cold. Media report it’s been more than a decade since it was so cold in my country, last night monitoring stations in several cities recorded temperatures of […]

  • More snowy pictures

    About five centimeters of snow fell this afternoon, a lot more than I expected. Here are a couple of pics I shot today:

  • Moon shots – part 2

    I went outside tonight to take a couple of new shots of the moon. The shots I took tonight with the Canon EOS 450 + 55-250mm IS lens are a bit better than those I shot earlier this week. I used my tripod and the EOS 450’s Live View feature to magnify the image 10x […]

  • Shot of the moon with Canon 55-250mm

    I just took a couple of shots of the moon with my Canon EOS 450D and the new 55-250mm IS lens. This shot was taken without a tripod and I did some post-processing to improve the sharpness. The photo features quite a lot of detail but unfortunately it didn’t turn out as sharp as I hoped. […]