Moon shots – part 2

I went outside tonight to take a couple of new shots of the moon. The shots I took tonight with the Canon EOS 450 + 55-250mm IS lens are a bit better than those I shot earlier this week. I used my tripod and the EOS 450’s Live View feature to magnify the image 10x to try to get the focus right but it wasn’t easy as at 250mm and 10x magnification the image was very shaky, each small camera movement made the image bounce for seconds.

First shot is how it rolled out of the camera, second image shows you how it looks after some Photoshop post-processing:

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  1. New dSLR cameras like the EOS 450 allow you to use the LCD display as viewfinder, it doesn’t work as well as on a compact digital camera but it comes in quite handy sometimes. You can use the Live View feature to zoom in up to 10x on a small selection of the image, this makes it a bit easier to adjust your focus when you’re shooting a picture of a small, far away object like the moon.

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