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  • How to get more out of Digg (video)

    Matt Inman from SEOmoz published a video on YouTube a couple of weeks ago on how to get an article on the frontpage of Digg and how to leverage the traffic you receive from Digg: The vidcast is about 6.5 minutes long, it doesn’t really contain any uber secrets but it’s worth a watch if […]

  • WordPress – new security update

    WordPress has issued a new security update for WordPress 2.2 and the legacy WordPress 2.0. Details and links to the downloads can be found at the WordPress development blog. As this new update features mainly security updates or small bug fixes it shouldn’t interfere with any of your plugins or themes, although it’s still a […]

  • Leo’s giveaway to help find a cure for breast cancer

    Leo is showing his good heart with a giveaway to promote the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The reason why he’s sponsoring this cause isn’t only because he really loves titties a lot , but also because finding a cure for all cancers is a cause he (and I too) can champion. His friend Darla Briggs […]

  • Top 50,000 blogs made $500 million in 2006

    Chitika and the University of Texas unveiled a report on the earnings of blogs: Blog Dollars Study (PDF). According to Chitika their goal was to put a figure on the total amount of money that is spent on advertising in the blogosphere. What they found is that the top 50k blogs (based on Technorati ranking) […]

  • Top Commentators for July

    I’m just back home, this noon my dad and I went to a restaurant to eat “paling”. I’m not sure how this fish is called in English but according to Wikipedia it’s known as European eel in English. This is one of my favorite dishes and it was really delicious My blog is a bit more than a month old now. […]