Boiler Room review

Here’s my review of the second movie I found on ShoeMoney’s list of motivational movies. It’s not really my goal to turn this blog into a movie review blog but I like to post some blurbs about movies I’ve recently watched.

The movie Boiler Room is already seven years old but it’s one of the many good old movies that I have never seen. Boiler Room is about Seth Davis who is, just like me, a college-dropout. Seth runs a quite successful underground casino, he makes a nice living with his business but the problem is of course that it’s all illegal and that his father, a federal judge, isn’t really pleased with it and forces him to quit.

One day when he’s introduced to Nicky Katt, a guy who drives a yellow Ferrari, his whole world changes. This guy is a stock broker and he convinces Seth to join his firm, a small brokerage house called J.T. Marlin. Seth decides to go to a group interview where he hears Nicky say that if he learns the craft and later becomes a senior broker at J.T. Marlin he will become a millionaire in the next three years.

Seth decides to join J.T. Marlin as a junior associate and he quickly learns how to cold call and how to put pressure on people to buy stocks over the phone. Seth is a clever young man and it doesn’t take long until he becomes a senior broker. But while he gets deeper into the company he starts to realize that everything is just a little too good to be true and after a while he discovers the nasty truth behind the firm..

Boiler Room photo

I give Boiler Room a 8/10

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