Battlestar Galactica Season 4 spoilers

SciFi recently invited members of the online press to the Battlestar Galactica set. They got a tour and heared some spoilers for the fourth season of BSG.

Production on the final 22 hours of season 4 of Battlestar Galactica is currently underway in Vancouver. An extended two-hour episode, “Razor,” will premiere in November 2007, setting the stage for the rest of the season to commence in 2008. The SCI FI Channel invited members of the online press to the set of the show last week, and gave them unprecedented access to the cast and soundstages where the show is filmed. Several spoilers were revealed during the panel discussion, and in the tour of the Cylon basestar and hanger deck sets.

Actor Aaron Douglas, who plays Chief Tyrol, dominated the panel discussion with his funny stories and animated way of telling them. Part of what he said though is sure to raise the spoiler flag for the SCI FI Channel’s flag ship show..  

I’m not going to publish the spoilers, you can read them over at MediaBlvd.

Battlestar Galactica new Viper

BSG is one of my favorite TV series and I really look forward to the next season

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