Back from NEXT Expo

Today I went to the NEXT expo in Brussels. This new show brands itself as a gaming, electronics and IT expo but unfortunately it was mainly about gaming so it wasn’t as interesting for DV Hardware as I had hoped. Full coverage of the event will be published on DV Hardware asap, probably tomorrow.

There were lots of recently released games (such as Guitar Hero: World Tour and LittleBigPlanet) and some upcoming ones (like Resident Evil 5) but most of the firms didn’t seem to think the event was important enough to show off previews of upcoming products that will arrive in 2009. One of the most prominent examples that comes to mind is that EA was still showing off four-year old The Sims 2 – although it was probably a new expansion pack – and there wasn’t any trace of The Sims 3.

We did have a good time though, I tried out a couple of games on various platforms, collected a bag full of goodies and tried to get some shots of Alison Carroll, the new Tomb Raider model. You can view the photos of Alison Carroll “Lara Croft” over here. Unfortunately it wasn’t easy to get good shots because there were dozens of horny gamers around me – and the bad light conditions didn’t help either.


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